2014-15 Season Concerts

(all at 7:30 pm)


Thursday, November 20:  John Holloway, violin, Jane Gower, dulcian (baroque bassoon), and Lars-Ulrik Mortensen, harpsichord, perform seventeenth century Italian and German violin sonatas.  St. Philip’s Episcopal Church.  Admission $20.

Thursday, February 5: Taylis Fernandez, ‘cello, and John Paul, piano, perform more Beethoven sonatas for ‘cello and piano.St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral. Admission $20.

Thursday, February 19:  Armonia Celestereturns with a program of seventeenth century Italian vocal music with theorbo.  Location TBA.  Admission; $20

Friday, February 27:  Quink, a five member Dutch vocal ensemble, performs.  Program to be determined.  Location TBA.  Admission $20.

Saturday, March 14:  Corina Martiplays the flute and the clavicimbalom, a combination of the harpsichord and organ, in a program of late medieval music.  Location: TBA.  Admission  $20.

Thursday, April 9:  Shawn Leopard, harpsichord, performs music of Scarlatti at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral. Admission $15.

Thursday, April 16:  ARTEK, a New York based baroque ensemble, returns to Jackson with singers and instruments performing selections from Monteverdi Madrigals, Book Seven.  Location: TBA.  Admission: $25.

Season Tickets: $120.  All student tickets $5.

For more information contact Richard McGinnis at 601-594-5584, info@ancientmusic.org, or
Mississippi Academy of Ancient Music
103 Magnolia Street
Edwards, MS 39066