What Is Ancient Music

Mississippi Academy of Ancient Music brings MUSIC OF THE PAST TO THE PRESENT with outstanding performances of the music of earlier times, bringing INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED ARTISTS from abroad as well as from our many talented local artists. In addition to presenting a concert series during the year, many of our artists provide master classes for college and high school students.

The Academy GREW OUT OF SERIES OF MUSICAL BIRTHDAY PARTIES held by Dr. Ernst Borinski of Tougaloo College, in which Dr. John Paul and other singers participated. Eventually the party moved to Edwards to accommodate the growing crowds. The Academy is named after the English ensemble, the 18th century Academy of Ancient Music, in turn named after an ensemble from Handel's time, when "ancient" meant just twenty years old. Of course we chose the name because of the DELIGHTFULLY SOUTHERN ACRONYM WHICH RESULTS. (MA’AM).

We present music from the MEDIEVAL PERIOD TO THE EARLY 1800S. We promote HISTORICALLY INFORMED PERFORMANCE practice, which presents music of the past with the instruments of and in the style as originally intended. The modern-day violin, for example, is quite different from their baroque predecessors, even though the instruments may look the same, and they are played differently. The ancestors of the modern piano include not only the plucked string harpsichord, but the fortepiano, quite different from the modern piano in a number of ways. It's what Beethoven and Mozart played.

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